Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 5 hardest interview questions:

#1 What are your strengths and weaknesses?
This question can be very difficult to answer. Especially in a tough economy it is very important to make yourself stand apart from other candidates. Selling yourself can sometimes feel like your being over confident, but sometimes it is necessary. I answered this question by stating some to the point facts. I feel that my strengths are being a team player, loyal, dedicated to achieving the goal or task that is put before me. Some of my weaknesses is that I tend to want to control the situation/project and take more of a lead. I also like everyone to take some part of a task and not everyone may not be on board. I have to step back and let people work on what is best for them.

#2What qualities can you bring to our company?
This question needs to be honest and forthcoming without sounding conceded. My response would be I am honest, loyal, and hard working. My organizational skills allow for effective time management. I am also someone who believe in leading by example. (I would then give an example). I feel these skills bring a positive work environment.

#3Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
There are many different phrases for this one. It could be 6 months to 10 years. I have always been told to answer honestly, but also answer to make yourself stand out. I see myself building a career with this company. With the client contact and the new business that has been generated I have trained my staff to always step into my shoes. I hope to have more of a trainer or leadership role with the company within that time frame.

#4How do you resolve conflict?
To be an effective leader you must listen to all sides of the situation. What are the factors and is there a way for resolution that makes sense. It is not always fun to be the leader but certain situations may cause for some sort of corrective action if necessary.

#5Why did you leave your last job?
Being honest is the most important. I was let go due to the fact that I inadvertently gave information to a husband that was not listed on the account and only the wife was. This information had also been given by others but because I knew the customer the situation was to have my employment end.

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